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Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Top Gear Stunt Team to perform at the first Beaulieu Supercar Weekend.

The Top Gear Stunt Team featuring precision drivers and some of the special vehicles from the global Top Gear Live franchise is to perform at the first Beaulieu Supercar Weekend in August.
They’ve performed across the globe to over two million people as the precision driving team from Top Gear Live for over 10 years, creating and honing an impressive repertoire of stunts, precision driving sequences and even world records.

Led by precision driving maestro Paul Swift, the Top Gear Stunt Team will perform at Beaulieu as part of its UK tour providing spellbinding entertainment. The team’s summer 2016 routines will include contemporary road cars and some special cars from Top Gear Live which many Beaulieu visitors will never have seen before.
Launched and managed by Sub Zero Events, the team behind the award-winning Top Gear Live global arena tour, there is a huge deal of excitement surrounding the injection of high octane entertainment that the Top Gear Stunt Team will bring to the Beaulieu Supercar Weekend on August 20th and 21st.
Paul Swift, who leads the team, said: “The Top Gear Stunt Team is a fabulous opportunity to create brand new sequences with mainstream cars, as well as wowing audiences with some of the incredible vehicles that we toured around the world as part of Top Gear Live.”
The Top Gear Stunt Team performances are just one of the features at Beaulieu Supercar Weekend, the first event to run under a strategic new partnership between Beaulieu Enterprises and Brand Events. Other highlights include:
  • An eye-catching display of more than 350 supercars set against the stunning backdrop of the Beaulieu parkland for a two-day celebration of the supercar, its icons, its history and its future.
  • Murray’s Magnificent Machines will honour the iconic voice of Formula One motorsport Murray Walker OBE with a special tribute collection, featuring some of his favourite cars and motorcycles from F1, race and rally on the lawns of Palace House. The veteran commentator will talk about his chosen collection and career highlights in conversation with racing driver and TV presenter Tiff Needell at a Saturday night Gala Evening.
  • Supercar to Race Car will trace the exotic origins of our modern GT race cars and the influence of the track on today’s everyday supercars.
  • Ferruccio Lamborghini: 100 Years will honour the man who brought us many of the most memorable supercars ever made and celebrate in appropriately flamboyant style the centenary of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth.
  • The Hypercar Holy Trinity blends heart-stopping looks with pulse-racing performance and brings together the undisputed kings of the modern supercar class – the Porsche 918, the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1.
  • The Super-SUV Secret Garden showcases modern monsters unreliant on smooth tarmac for their supercar thrills. Each is in excess of 500hp and is just as capable of crossing continents in a single day as its low-slung siblings but with enough room to take the family along too! 
  • An extended Parade for visitors to enjoy even more supercars close up and in action as they make their way to the start line for the higher speed track section.
  • An Action Arena featuring the Top Gear Stunt Team performing precision driving demonstrations, start-ups, sound-offs and all kinds of fast-road runs throughout the weekend.
  • Manufacturer Village areas for special display cars.
  • VIP Experience will provide exclusive access to the Palace House Hospitality Enclosure. For those wanting to also attend the Gala Evening, glamorous camping will be available with Pillow Camping’s pre-pitched and furnished tents.