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Sunday, 6 November 2016

USA SALES OCTOBER - Volvo drops sales in October but remains at 20% up for the year to date.

For the month of October, Volvo Car USA (VCUSA) reported U.S. sales of 6,340 vehicles. Year-to-date, VCUSA has sold 64,872 units, a 20.6 increase year-over-year.

Sales for the month of October were led by the award-winning XC90 luxury SUV with 2,383 vehicles sold. The XC60 followed in the second spot with 1,611 vehicles sold. Strong global demand for both XC90 and S90 has increased pressure on availability, resulting in low days supply.

The brand unfortunately took a turn downwards in the month, the first time for a long time, but year to date is still running at over 20% up over 2015, and is one of teh best brands for sales growth, this will improve as the S90/V90 takes full hold, and the new XC60 comes into force next year, and if rumours are correct, the all new V40/S40/XC40 WILL be coming to the United States, something the current V40 does not do.

The brand is going through an entire turnaround with every model either being replaced or heavily revised, and has proven to Geely that it is money well spent, when the Chinese automaker purchased Volvo from Ford.