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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Renault releases statement on the possible cheat devices within their products.

Pursuant to a joint release dated 9 November 2016, the Ministers of the Economy and Industry had announced that the DGCCRF had ended its investigations on Renault engines and sent its conclusions to the Public Prosecutor in Nanterre. The latter has since sent the file to the Public Prosecutor in Paris, who has interregional jurisdiction in consumer affairs.
Groupe Renault acknowledges, without having been able to obtain official confirmation thereof at this stage, the opening of judicial investigations on the ground of ‎"deceit on essential qualities and inspections conducted, these facts having led to the products being dangerous for the health of humans or animals."
The pictures below are for illustrative purposes only - if and when any further details emerge, Renault will deal with it at that point, as of today there are no further details, so until further communications from Renault occur, take it a read that there are NO problems, if you have any queries in the interim, contact your local dealership in the first instance.
This new development in the procedure would suggest that the Public Prosecutor wishes to continue the investigations.
In this respect, Groupe Renault, which intends to protect its rights, reminds its constant position.
  1. Renault complies with French and European regulations.
  2. Renault vehicles are all and have always been homologated in accordance with the laws and regulations. They are compliant with the applicable standards.
  3. Renault vehicles are not equipped with cheating software affecting anti-pollution systems.
  4. The States, European Commission, Regulation Authorities and automotive manufacturers all share the opinion that the requirements of the applicable regulations need to be strengthened. This is the purpose of the future Euro6d Regulation.
Groupe Renault reminds that in March 2016 it submitted to the panel of the independent technical commission a complete nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission reduction plan for its Euro6b diesel vehicles in customer use, which has been deemed transparent, satisfactory and credible.