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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The 10th Generation Honda Civic gets a higher than average residual value as they release its pricing.

  • All-new Civic given highly competitive residual value forecast by experts
  • RVs 9% higher than previous generation model
  • Figures come weeks after HR-V and Jazz exceeded RV predictions
  • All-new Honda Civic on sale from late March, priced from £18,235
Honda UK has today announced both residual values and a full pricing list for the 10th generation Civic, which is set to hit dealer forecourts in late March.

Starting from £18,235 on the road for the entry level S grade 129PS VTEC TURBO in manual, the range tops out at £27,480 on the road for the 182PS VTEC TURBO Prestige with a CVT transmission.  Metallic paint is an option and adds £525 to the price.

With the arrival of the new 10th generation Civic and in line with the current trend towards smaller, more efficient powertrains, Honda has launched two new petrol engines; a 1.0 litre three cylinder which produces 129PS and a more powerful 1.5 litre four cylinder which delivers 182PS.  

And as well as pricing, Honda has also released residual values for the new Civic ahead of its UK launch.  The hotly anticipated Civic has received a further boost with residual values predicted to be among the best in its class.

Industry experts and residual value setters CAP forecast the British-built 10th generation Civic will hold up to 37% of its value after 36 months and 60,000 miles.

That’s an impressive increase of 9% on the previous generation Civic and puts the newcomer well ahead of many of its key competitors.

The news comes just weeks after CAP predicted two of Honda’s newest and most popular models – the stylish Jazz city car and acclaimed HR-V crossover – would outperform all forecasts and achieve market-leading residual value levels.

And it underlines the confidence the automotive industry has in the reliability, value for money and desirability of Honda’s model line-up.

Phil Webb, Head of Cars at Honda UK, said: “As a brand we are making big strides in improving residual values across our range. This will make our cars even more affordable and lower the total cost of ownership for private and business buyers.

“The launch of the advanced and sporty new Civic is a major milestone for Honda in the UK and so we are delighted that CAP agree with our own assessment of this fantastic new car.”

Pricing for the all-new 10th generation Civic is as follows:

EngineGradeTransmissionCO2 g/kmVED bandVED first year
OTR pricing
129PS VTEC TurboS (Homologation)Man110B£0£18,235
129PS VTEC TurboSEMan110B£0£18,335
129PS VTEC TurboSRMan117C£0£20,180
129PS VTEC TurboEXMan117C£0£23,040
129PS VTEC TurboEX w/ Tech packMan117C£0£23,640
129PS VTEC TurboS (Homologation)CVT106B£0£19,635
129PS VTEC TurboSECVT106B£0£19,735
129PS VTEC TurboSRCVT114C£0£21,580
129PS VTEC TurboEXCVT114C£0£24,440
129PS VTEC TurboEX w/ Tech packCVT114C£0£25,040
182PS VTEC TurboSport  Man133E£130£22,470
182PS VTEC TurboSport PlusMan133E£130£25,335
182PS VTEC TurboPrestigeMan133E£130£26,085
182PS VTEC TurboSport  CVT139E£130£23,870
182PS VTEC TurboSport PlusCVT139E£130£26,730
182PS VTEC TurboPrestigeCVT139E£130£27,480