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Monday, 23 January 2017

WHAT CAR AWARDS - The Fiesta takes best hot hatch as the Galaxy wins best MPV over £26,000.

The acclaimed Ford Fiesta ST was crowned the UK’s best hot hatch for the fourth consecutive year at the 2017 What Car? Awards.
Enjoyed by over 25,000 owners, Ford Fiesta ST remains a UK favourite since its launch in 2013.
To mark the 40th anniversary last year of the Ford Fiesta – Britain’s best-selling car every year since 2008 – the ST200 was added to the range, adding a further 18PS to the 182PS available from the existing 1.6-litre Fiesta ST.  Also new last year was a five-door Fiesta ST to complement the original three-door bodystyle.
Steve Huntingford, What Car? editor, said: “The Ford Fiesta ST is impossible to dislike. It leaves rivals trailing on a challenging road because it dives into corners like a terrier chasing a bouncing ball and the steering is full of feel. In normal use, it doesn’t disappoint. Like all Fiestas, the ST has a decent boot and plenty of cubbyholes and is small enough to feel wieldy around town.
“Fiesta ST is the best all-round hot hatch. It strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability. It lets you attack B-roads without worrying about the width of the car or how powerful it is. In fact, it’s sharper than the BMW M140i, which costs almost £15,000 more. To add to its appeal, the ST combines all of this with the reliability, practicality and dealer coverage that has made the Fiesta top seller.”
The consumer magazine and website, attracting over 1.95 million monthly users, chose the well-equipped Fiesta ST-2, priced at £18,895, as their recommended model complete with heated Recaro front sports seats and Ford Power push button start.
On receiving the award, Lisa Brankin, Ford of Britain marketing director, said: “Performance vehicles, and the thrill they bring to driving, are renowned Ford strengths.  Our new ST-Line range, sitting under ST, to RS and Mustang above it, offer a performance car for everyone.  Thank you What Car? for recognising Fiesta ST - the biggest seller in this exciting 2017 line-up.”   
It is also the fifth successive year that Ford has triumphed in the hot hatch category – prior to Fiesta ST’s four-year run of success, the 250PS Focus ST took the title in 2013.
Ford Galaxy – best MPV (£26,000+)

The new Ford Galaxy is also best Multi-Purpose Vehicle for its price, according to What Car?
What Car? named the Ford Galaxy Zetec with 2.0-litre TDCi 150PS diesel engine as its pick of the range.