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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ford year to date sales in china are have risen to nearly half a million, and still growing at a steady rate.

  • Ford year-to-date sales total 479,542 up five percent; 88,248 vehicles sold in May.
  • Changan Ford Automobile year-to-date sales total 370,268, up 11 percent, 67,055 vehicles sold in May.
  • Jiangling Motor Corporation year-to-date sales total 102,163 vehicles, down nine percent; 19,692 vehicles sold in May.
Ford’s performance in China remains strong with year-to-date sales reaching 479,542, a five-percent increase compared to 2015. May sales totaled 88,248.

Year-to-date sales for Changan Ford Automobile (CAF), Ford's passenger car joint venture, reached 370,268, an 11-percent increase compared to last year. CAF sold 67,055 vehicles in May, matching the company’s best-ever May performance of 2015.
The Ford Edge had another strong month in May with more than 8,500 sold.  The new Ford Taurus also is off to a strong start with nearly 2,500 sold during May.
Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC), Ford's commercial vehicle investment in China, delivered year-to-date sales of 102,163 vehicles, a nine-percent decrease compared to the same time last year, generally in-line with the traditional commercial vehicle market. In May, JMC sold 19,692 vehicles, a four-percent decrease compared to May 2015.