I will try my best to provide detailed info on various cars and what is like to live with them, I have already produced a few for Jaguar-car-forums, I will do my best to be unbiased, but it will be hard for some cars. I will re-produce press releases and copy from other motoring news.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

TMW - It's that time of the month again - MAY 2016 - Five months in and it's looking like another record year.


MAY 1579 2016  sales - MAY 2015 2590 sales +64.03%
Y.T.D. 2016 13675 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 7682 sales +78.01%


MAY 2016 6290 sales - MAY 2015 4966 sales +26.67%
Y.T.D. 2016 36890 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 31120 sales +18.54%


MAY 2016 8880 sales - MAY 2015 6545 sales +35.68%
Y.T.D. 2016 50565 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 38802 sales +30.32%



MAY 2016 15423 sales - MAY 2015 12203 sales +26.36% 
Y.T.D. 2016 72898 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 63121 sales +15.49%


MAY 2016 13721 sales - MAY 2015 11355 sales +20.84%
Y.T.D. 2016 73037 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 61748 sales +18.28%


MAY 2016 874 sales - MAY 2015 959 sales -8.86%
Y.T.D. 2016 6046 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 5689 sales +6.28%


MAY 2016 13970 sales - MAY 2015 13802 sales +1.22% 
Y.T.D. 2016 75018 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 71985 sales +4.21%


MAY 2016 98 sales - MAY 2015 137 sales +39.80% 
Y.T.D. 2016 996 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 505 sales +97.23%


ABARTH +83.87%
BENTLEY +32.36%
DS AUTOMOBILES +29376.92% *
FIAT +2.94%
HONDA +17.40%
HYUNDAI +3.23%
JEEP +38.12%
KIA +9.84%
MAZDA +11.49%
MG +8.64%
MINI +4.59%
PORSCHE +10.06%
RENAULT +17.32%
SKODA +5.95%
SMART +74.45%
SUBARU +5.70%
SUZUKI +13.62%
TOYOTA +0.98%
VOLVO +5.74%


CITROEN -16.42% *
DACIA -3.42%
FORD -2.18%
LOTUS -14.38%
MASERATI -14.73%
NISSAN -4.22%
PEUGEOT -2.81%
SEAT -8.48%
  • *Citroen and DS Automobiles split sales in May 2015 - Combine both to get an accurate figure when comparing to 2015 sales figures.
  • Grateful thanks for all the Figures supplied by the SMMT.
We will start the month on a negative for the first time, Vauxhall has taken a massive downturn, the percentage does not look to big, however equate that to sales and it is a huge 4,400 drop, and for any brand let alone the UK's #2 seller, it is worrying, but considering that the brand has had some new models over the last few months, it is very surprising indeed.

Jaguar Land Rover continue to go the other way, with sales just growing at a massive rate of knots, the F-Pace has certainly helped, and over the coming few months it will be interesting to see by how much, the company has had a tendency to never release individual sales numbers, but the XE and XF have until now been the main players, now the F-Pace and Discovery Sport have taken that lead and have proved to be the brand's best, at the moment anyway.

Out of the brands that directly compete with JLR, Lexus has again nosedived on the month, but due to a large increase at the start of the year, year to date sales are still a little ahead, but will it continue over the coming months, time will tell.

MG has stalled a little of late, with a 10% growth on the month, which is only about 26 extra cars, over last May, the MG6 should be coming to an end imminently due to the fact it's powerplant is only EU5 making it illegal to use shortly, but they have at long last the car that will hopefully give the brand the sales it so desperately needs, the GS SUV, has so far, on the two time i have spent time with it, shown that it is better put together, better quality materials, ergonomics are better, and it will come with the 1.5 Litre Turbo Petrol and a 2.0 Litre Diesel, 2WD and 4WD and YAY, at long last an Automatic version is coming this year - all confirmed, and about time too.

Sales for the month have tipped over 200k giving it a 2.46% increase, and the year to date is running at 4.09% up on last year, so again, this year is going to be a huge year, and if this continues, as it looks like it will, Three Million annual sales are looking more likely than ever before, and at the forefront of that will be the brand that is always at the top of the sales charts, and that will be Ford, in virtually all segments it sells in, the cars are either #1 or within the top five (ignore the KA though).

Commercial vehicle sales are also growing at an accelerated rate, with Pick-Ups being a large part of the growth, so it looks like the UK is heading towards becoming "little America", will the Ranger do for Ford UK what the F-150 does for Ford in the USA, if this is the case, we have brands like Mitsubishi and Isuzu that have been building and selling Pick-Ups in the UK for a large number of years, so it would be nice for them to take some of the lead.

Talking of Pick-Ups, it is not a secret that Mercedes, Renault and FIAT all have pick-ups on the drawing board for launch in the not too distant future, and for Vauxhall it would be very easy to rebadge a Chevy or GMC and sell that in Europe, that then leaves BMW and Audi, neither have one of these cars, or, at the time of writing, any plans for one either, Audi would have the easiest of opportunities to rebrand the Amorak, which could also be Skoda and SEAT branded too, so, out of the top five brands in the UK, Ford, Vauxhall, Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

So, based on UK sales 2015

#1 - Volkswagen Group (
#2 - Ford (Ranger)
#3 - Vauxhall (Possible GMC/Chevy rebadge)
#4 - Renault-Nissan Alliance (Renault Alaskan - Nissan NP300 Navarra)
#5 - PSA Group (None Planned)
#6 - BMW (None Planned)
#7 - Hyundai/Kia (Concept produced)
#8 - Mercedes-Benz (One To Be Launched)
#9 - Toyota (Hilux)
#10 - FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (Mitsubishi Rebadge imminent)
(Rough placings)

Sporty brands with the exception of Porsche have taken a downturn in the month, Aston Martin, Lotus, Maserati, are down, with Abarth, Bentley and Subaru up, and it is great to see Volvo carry on growing, the XC90 has been a huge success for the brand, and the up coming V90 and S90 will carry that forward, and just recently Volvo launched concepts for the all new V40, but this time they are going to have a new family of 40 Series cars, with an S40 and a baby SUV the XC40, so Volvo will carry on growing for at least five more years as each model is refreshed and replaced.

So, until next month, have a great few weeks, and we look forward to some great new cars being launched in the interim.