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Friday, 24 June 2016

TMW - The Peugeot 308 GT Line, two cars in one is the only way to describe this great car.

The Peugeot 308 GT Line is a "best of both worlds" model, the three cylinder 1.2 litre engine gives you the economy, yet gives the same power output as a bigger engine within the range, so allowing you GTi levels of fun, without the bills that might be incurred with that sportier version.

The car tested here comes with EAT6 (Efficient Automatic Gearbox), which to be honest is probably one of the smoothest auto boxes out there, take the car at a steady pace and you only notice the gear changes by watching the rev counter rise and fall at each change of gear, even when pushed you only notice a small amount of vocal change when it changes gear, however, this is nothing to worry about.

The engineers have worked hard to make this car seem like a more powerful, faster car than it actually is, that said, this car can achieve 124mph and the sprint to 62mph takes a moderately quick 9.8 seconds, not the fastest, but then this is not the GTi version, and because of that slower get away, and three cylinder engine the car should be capable of achieving :-

  • Urban - 47.9mpg
  • Extra Urban - 65.7mpg
  • Combined - 57.6mpg

Not the best figures in the world, but for a car like this it's up there with equivalent models, the swift gear change enhances the progress of the car, and even though this is a 1.2 litre, you would never guess it once behind the steering wheel, it really is a sheep in wolves clothing.

The brand is well known for low CO2 , and this model is another low figure, however, it is not the lowest of the GT Line range, in fact it is the highest at 112g/km, still a low number though with the GT Line ranging from 98-112g/km.

The 308 has loads of room both front and rear, you are never left wanting in the space dept, and once you are comfortable in the driver's seat, even if you are of limited mobility, there are a myriad of directions the seat can be moved into, so you will always feel comfortable, the bolsters on the seat keep you in place when you take a corner a little too quickly, the lovely leather clad steering wheel is small, and yet perfect for this car, it's like a little pocket rocket.

The small steering wheel serves a purpose as it makes the i-Cockpit dashboard design easier to see, that means the dash dials are raised high in front of the driver, making it easier to watch the road without having to take your eyes to the dials for too long, it is easier to do than explain, and it works very very well.

The car tested here came with the panoramic glass sunroof (£500), giving a great deal of light into the car, which, considering it is mainly black, is very handy, the Ultimate Red (£675) and the Driver Assistance Pack (£450), everything else you could need is fitted as standard like :-

  • Cruise Control
  • Auto Park Assistance
  • Rear View Camera
  • Front and Rear sensors
  • PureTech Engine of the year 2015 & 2016
  • Folding Door Mirrors
  • Automatic Parking Brake
  • Full all round Electric Windows

To name just a few, the interior of the car is very well appointed, whether covered in perforated leather with a red background, or nice soft touch rubberised plastics, the entire surroundings are a pleasure to be in, and the seating and driving experience are near to perfection.

Rear space is ample, especially when you have a six footer in the front seats, boot space is equally as big, offering more than sufficient space for your weekly shopping, luggage to go away, or with the seats down, enough to take some decent sized furniture, and at this price, £22,645 (Plus Options), you would be hard pressed to find a car that has this amount of quality, and with the specification included too, not to mention the decent looks that this car has.

Finally, driving this car you get a feeling of silence, everything from the door locks, starting the car and driving along, all are muffled, you get the feeling that you are in a far superior, luxury car, and now that the car has gone back to Peugeot, I feel like I miss it, a great deal, and I have not said that about many cars, if you are looking for a car in this class, you would be daft not to put this at the top of the list.

It is also to be noted that those of a less mobile nature, will find this car extremely easy to drive and live with, you can get in and out without difficulty, the car has a low running cost, to help keep the pennies under control, and regardless of which model you buy within the 308 range, you will never be left wanting.

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Jon Mower