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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Vauxhall announces pricing and specification for the all new Mokka X Sports Utility Vehicle.

  • New Mokka X in showrooms from October priced from £17,590 OTR
  • Diesel models start from £19,515 and give 20% BiK
  • Powertrains achieve up to 72.4 combined mpg and 153PS
Vauxhall’s new Mokka X will be in showrooms from October this year, priced from £17,590 on-the-road.The new SUV looks to build on the success of its predecessor, providing a wide range of variants across the Design Nav, Active, Elite and Elite Nav trims. 
A number of petrol and diesel engines will be available, including the new-to-range 1.4i 153PS Turbo automatic petrol engine, as well as the 1.6CDTi 110PS ecoFLEX manual diesel.

The new six-speed manual 1.6CDTi 110PS diesel engine is available at every trim level and delivers up to 72.4mpg (combined) and only 103g/km. It is available from £19,515 OTR with the Design Nav trim, which also gives 20% BiK making it an appealing option to a company car driver.
Elsewhere in the range, Vauxhall is also introducing a new generation 1.4-litre Direct Injection Turbo (153PS) petrol unit that offers 0-60mph acceleration of just 9.4 seconds and a top speed of 120mph. With a six-speed automatic transmission, adaptive all-wheel drive and start/stop, the 1.4 Turbo engine is available from £21,150 OTR in Design Nav trim.
Standard equipment on Design Nav models is impressive and includes 18” alloy wheels (excluding ecoFLEX models), LED daytime running lights, front fog lights and silver roof rails on the outside. Inside the cabin, drivers will benefit from an 8-inch touch screen with Vauxhall’s IntelliLink Infotainment system, as well as the innovative OnStar personal connectivity and service assistant. This standard level of equipment is available from just £17,590 OTR with the manual 1.6 115PS petrol engine.
Elite Nav is the top-of-the-range trim and adds a host of comfort and convenience features. Priced from £22,855 OTR, Elite Nav models include full leather interior, heated front seats and steering wheel, and tinted rear windows for added style and privacy.
Manual 1.6 S/S 115 PS15,595.833,119.1718,715.0019,655.00155
Manual 1.4T S/S 140 PS16,187.503,237.5019,425.0020,310.00140
Manual 1.4T S/S AWD 140 PS17,591.673,518.3321,110.0022,050.00152
Automatic 1.4T 140 PS16,950.003,390.0020,340.0021,240.00149
Automatic 1.4T S/S AWD 152 PS18,675.003,735.0022,410.0023,310.00150
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S 110 PS17,300.003,460.0020,760.0021,515.00105
Manual 1.6CDTi EcoFLEX S/S 110 PS17,300.003,460.0020,760.0021,515.00103
Manual 1.6CDTi EcoFLEX S/S 136 PS17,591.673,518.3321,110.0021,865.00106
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S 136 PS17,591.673,518.3321,110.0021,865.00114
Automatic 1.6CDTi 136 PS18,320.833,664.1721,985.0022,870.00132
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S AWD 136 PS19,008.333,801.6722,810.0023,565.00124
Design Nav
Manual 1.6 S/S 115 PS13,875.002,775.0016,650.0017,590.00155
Manual 1.4T S/S 140 PS14,520.832,904.1717,425.0018,310.00140
Manual 1.4T S/S AWD 140 PS15,791.673,158.3318,950.0019,890.00152
Automatic 1.4T 140 PS15,283.333,056.6718,340.0019,240.00149
Automatic 1.4T S/S AWD 152 PS16,875.003,375.0020,250.0021,150.00150
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S 110 PS15,633.333,126.6718,760.0019,515.00105
Manual 1.6CDTi EcoFLEX S/S 110 PS15,633.333,126.6718,760.0019,515.00103
Manual 1.6CDTi EcoFLEX S/S 136 PS15,925.003,185.0019,110.0019,865.00106
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S 136 PS15,925.003,185.0019,110.0019,865.00114
Automatic 1.6CDTi 136 PS16,662.503,332.5019,995.0020,880.00132
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S AWD 136 PS17,341.673,468.3320,810.0021,565.00124
Manual 1.6 S/S 115 PS17,679.173,535.8321,215.0022,155.00155
Manual 1.4T S/S 140 PS18,270.833,654.1721,925.0022,810.00140
Manual 1.4T S/S AWD 140 PS19,675.003,935.0023,610.0024,550.00152
Automatic 1.4T 140 PS19,033.333,806.6722,840.0023,740.00149
Automatic 1.4T S/S AWD 152 PS20,758.334,151.6724,910.0025,810.00150
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S 110 PS19,383.333,876.6723,260.0024,015.00105
Manual 1.6CDTi EcoFLEX S/S 110 PS19,383.333,876.6723,260.0024,015.00103
Manual 1.6CDTi EcoFLEX S/S 136 PS19,675.003,935.0023,610.0024,365.00106
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S 136 PS19,675.003,935.0023,610.0024,365.00114
Automatic 1.6CDTi 136 PS20,404.174,080.8324,485.0025,370.00132
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S AWD 136 PS21,091.674,218.3325,310.0026,065.00124
Elite Nav
Manual 1.6 S/S 115 PS18,262.503,652.5021,915.0022,855.00155
Manual 1.4T S/S 140 PS18,854.173,770.8322,625.0023,510.00140
Manual 1.4T S/S AWD 140 PS20,258.334,051.6724,310.0025,250.00152
Automatic 1.4T 140 PS19,616.673,923.3323,540.0024,440.00149
Automatic 1.4T S/S AWD 152 PS21,341.674,268.3325,610.0026,510.00150
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S 110 PS19,966.673,993.3323,960.0024,715.00105
Manual 1.6CDTi EcoFLEX S/S 110 PS19,966.673,993.3323,960.0024,715.00103
Manual 1.6CDTi EcoFLEX S/S 136 PS20,258.334,051.6724,310.0025,065.00106
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S 136 PS20,258.334,051.6724,310.0025,065.00114
Automatic 1.6CDTi 136 PS20,987.504,197.5025,185.0026,070.00132
Manual 1.6CDTi S/S AWD 136 PS21,675.004,335.0026,010.0026,765.00124