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Monday, 20 June 2016

TOWCAR OF THE YEAR AWARDS - Kia takes the green award for the ultra frugal 1.6 litre CRDi 2 model.

  • cee’d Sportswagon described as “Impressively economical”
  • Fuel economy better than any other contender
  • £19,895 1.6 CRDi ‘2’ model tested
Practical Caravan has endorsed what many keen load-lugging drivers already know – the Kia cee’d Sportswagon 1.6 CRDI is the “greenest” tow car on the market!
Capturing the  Green Tow Car Award in the magazine’s annual, exhaustive testing competition, the £19,895 ‘2’ version was described by David Motton, Tow Car Editor as being “impressively economical to buy and run as well as being a respectable tow car.”

He went on: “If you want to tow a caravan without spending a fortune on fuel, look no further. Towing a tourer weighing 85 per cent of its kerbweight the cee’d Sportswagon returned a commendable 31.6mpg – beating every other car we shortlisted.
“At the legal limit the Kia is a stable tow car and in an emergency lane-change the cee’d Sportswagon performed well, always pulling the caravan straight again, even when it stepped out of line,” he added.
Simon Hetherington, Commercial Director of Kia Motor (UK) Limited said: ”This honour endorses everything our customers tell us – and the cee’d Sportswagon is very popular amongst the caravanning community. They love the blend of economy, refinement and of course the industry-leading seven year warranty.
“We are delighted to win this award because it sums up the dedication our engineers have committed to developing affordable, responsible motoring in today’s budget-conscious marketplace whilst not sacrificing dynamic ability or desirable creature comforts,” he said.