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Friday, 22 July 2016

Caterham is looking forward to exhibiting the range of Seven models at this years Car Fest North and South.

Caterham will be exhibiting its famous Sevens to attendees over the 2016 CarFest North weekend (July 29 – 31) and CarFest South (August 26 – 28) event.
The car and music filled event, hosted by renowned petrol head and car collector Chris Evans, raises money for Children in Need, welcoming motoring fanatics and music lovers alike over the weekends.

At the event sites in Cheshire and Hampshire, Caterham will showcase its Academy car and four of its famous Sevens, from the capable 270 to the ballistic, top of the range 620.
The Caterham Seven spectacle is sure to be one of the automotive highlights of the weekend, with the following models on display:
  • The blazing Seven 620
  • The Seven 420 boasting 210bhp
  • The slightly more sane Seven 360
  • The Seven 270 capable of 122mph
  • The Caterham Academy car
The fastest Seven Caterham has ever made, the 620R, will also be driven up the CarFest Hill Climb, providing the public with a unique opportunity to witness 0-60mph in 2.79 seconds and a staggering 310 bhp, first-hand.
David Ridley, Caterham’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “It’s great to be part of an event which supports such an important charity. We’re bringing a comprehensive Seven line-up to the events for the public to enjoy and, with the unique addition of live music, we are certainly looking forward to bringing the Caterhams to Cheshire and Hampshire.”
The 2016 CarFest North weekend opens on Friday July 29 at Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire and continues till Sunday July 31. Over the August bank holiday weekend (August 26 – 28), CarFest South at Laverstoke Park Farm is welcoming visitors, with tickets for the Friday still available.