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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Eddie The Eagle becomes a brand Ambassador for Mitsubishi and aims to produce a host of challenges on Video.

The world famous ski jumper – known for his inspirational performances at the Calgary Games in 1988 – has partnered with the brand to promote its ASX crossover; a model that reflects his own adventurous spirit.

As part of the partnership, Eddie will appear in a series of ASX Adventure Advanced social media videos in which he will put his daredevil reputation to the test in a range of adventure sports challenges. The series starts with a teaser which can be found here: 

As the series progresses though, the challenges Eddie must face will take him far outside his comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory.
Launching the partnership, Eddie, whose life story was told in a blockbuster Hollywood movie released earlier this year, said:
“I’m absolutely delighted to be working with a brand like Mitsubishi that shares my own sense of fun and excitement. I’m really looking forward to giving some thrilling adventure sports a go as we shoot this series of videos. It should be great fun.”
Toby Marshall, Sales and Marketing Director for Mitsubishi Motors, said:
“I met with Eddie earlier this year and was captivated as he shared his fascinating life story. He’s a great character with an indomitable spirit and he’s the perfect fit for our brand and, in particular, the ASX.”
Priced from just £15,249 RRP, the Mitsubishi ASX delivers Mitsubishi’s trademark quality and all-round performance at the heart of the crossover segment.
Available with a choice of powerful, yet efficient, petrol and diesel engines, it offers impressive fuel economy but still packs plenty of pulling power. It also boasts a five-star Euro-NCAP safety rating and is available as a four-wheel drive.