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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Ssangyong and Infiniti are the latest brands to join the Motor Codes, New Car Code of Practice in the UK.

  • SsangYong and Infiniti UK are the latest car manufacturers to subscribe to the Motor Codes New Car Code of Practice.  
  • 39 brands have now signed up to the CTSI-approved code since its introduction in 2004.
  • 99% of new vehicles sold in the UK are covered by the New Car Code.
Motor Codes, the government-backed consumer watchdog for the automotive industry, is pleased to announce that SsangYong, the South Korean automaker, and Infiniti UK, the Japanese luxury car manufacturer, have subscribed to its New Car Code of Practice. 

This brings the total number of car brands that have voluntarily joined the code to 39, meaning that an impressive 99% of all new vehicles sold across the UK are covered by this comprehensive guide of best practice.  
Introduced in 2004, the New Car Code was the first code for the automotive sector to gain approval by the former Office of Fair Trading. Now endorsed by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), it is designed to ensure that manufacturers supply new cars and warranties to consumers responsibly.
By signing up to the code, manufacturers promise that new car buyers will not be misled by adverts, documentation which is easy to understand will be supplied with the vehicle, terms of the warranty will be respected if the car is serviced according to the recommended guidelines, replacement parts and accessories supplied to dealers are of satisfactory quality, and any complaints will be handled swiftly.
With the recent introduction of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) legislation, manufacturers must equally ensure that there is a cost-effective mechanism in place to review a dispute quickly should one arise. Motor Codes, a CTSI-certified ADR provider, supplies a free advice and conciliation service for vehicle owners who are unable to resolve the issue directly. In the last decade, hundreds of claims have been settled by Motor Codes, saving thousands of pounds in arbitration and legal fees.
Bill Fennell, Managing Director of Motor Codes, said: “We are delighted that SsangYong and Infiniti UK have signed up to the New Car Code. Motorists purchasing new vehicles from both of these brands will now have the added peace of mind that they are operating according to best practice. This is coupled with the comfort of someone to turn to in the unlikely event that a problem arises after they have taken delivery of their pride and joy.”