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Sunday, 9 October 2016

USA - The BMW Flagship 7-Series has been awarded the Wards 10 Best “user experiences” accolade.

The award winning BMW 7 Series received today yet another accolade at the inaugural ceremony of Wards 10 Best “user experiences” award during the User Experience Conference at Novi, Michigan. 
The BMW 7 Series is one of three vehicles making both this winning list and 2016 Wards 10 Best Interiors last spring. 
Entrants from all over the globe were thoroughly examined by the editors evaluating performance such as how easily the vehicle connects with a smartphone, how user friendly and intuitive the controls are, how intelligent the advanced driver assistance technology is and how appealing the materials are as a component of the overall user experience.

“We’re paying close attention to touchscreens, navigation systems and infotainment, and we want to know if voice controls work well and if connecting your smartphone is simple,” says WardsAuto Senior Content Director Drew Winter in explaining the judging criteria. 
“We’re trying to quantify how easy it is overall to interact with a vehicle,” he says. “Are controls easy to understand, or do you have to consult the owner’s manual? 
Are the driver-assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping, functioning reliably, and do the interior materials enhance the user experience?”
The BMW 7 Series sets a benchmark in innovation, driving dynamics, comfort, intelligent connectivity and intuitive operation all contributing to earn a winning spot at Wards 10 Best UX Awards. 
The judges enjoyed the 7 Series seamless connectivity for phone and music as well as the removable 7-inch BMW Touch Command tablet at the rear seat. The Touch Command Tablet can play external audio and video files, surfing the internet or be used as a games console. 
A WiFi hotspot built into the vehicle provides the necessary online connectivity. Selection made on the tablet will then play on one of the 10-inch screens of the Rear-seat entertainment system.
The BMW Connected app also made an impression in the judges, praising the information it provides to the user such as fuel level, range and last known location of the vehicle to name a few. 
The editors also noted that the level of user experience found in the 7 Series “...will outgun many exotics or luxury cruisers two or three times its price…”, and that with the help of the iDrive controller the “amount of information at the driver’s fingertips is staggering” with “one of the coolest fobs ever” concluded Tom Murphy, Executive Editor at WardsAuto.
“When we launched the latest BMW 7 Series our designers and engineers developed a vehicle that featured 25 innovations, most of which are not offered by our competitors, geared towards enhancing comfort and well-being,” said Kate Alini Product Manager for BMW 7 Series at the ceremony presentation. 
“The BMW 7 Series allows for intelligent communication between the driver and the vehicle. 
They can choose whether to use voice commands, the touch screen, the iconic iDrive controller or the World’s First BMW Gesture Control. With the latest BMW Flagship our customers will find a vehicle that truly offers a unique user experience.”
The BMW 7 Series start at $81,500 plus Destination and Handling, featuring BMWs newest and groundbreaking technologies such as Gesture Control, Wireless Charging and optional Display Key. 
The BMW 7 Series once again sets the standard for luxury performance, delivering the highest level of driving refinement in the premium class.