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Monday, 31 October 2016

USA - Lincoln continues to collaborate with Tasting Table, to promote the all-new Continental luxury sedan.

  • Event was the latest in a series of collaborations between The Lincoln Motor Company and Tasting Table, introducing Continental at upscale venues in major cities throughout the United States
  • Invited guests can engage with the highly anticipated 2017 Lincoln Continental; the vehicle heralds the return of Lincoln’s flagship – embodying elegance, effortless power and serenity
  • An evening of food and entertainment hosted by Lincoln and Tasting Table at Atlanta’s recently opened Regent Cocktail Club on the rooftop terrace of American Cut, a fine-dining steakhouse
To create a culinary masterpiece, a skilled chef focuses on quality and originality, enticing the diner with flavor and flair. To create a luxury vehicle, dedicated designers and engineers blend personalized features with effortless power to appeal to the most discerning of clients.  
Invited guests had the opportunity to experience both as they enjoy the hospitality at the elegant Regent Cocktail Club on the rooftop terrace of American Cut steakhouse and engage with the highly anticipated 2017 Lincoln Continental.

The event is a collaboration between The Lincoln Motor Company and Tasting Table, a multimedia content provider for culinary enthusiasts featuring news, restaurants, recipes, a dining app and city guides through its digital platform. Lincoln is teaming up with Tasting Table on a series of similar events, introducing its all-new Lincoln Continental flagship sedan at upscale venues in major cities throughout the United States.
“Tasting Table is proud to collaborate with Lincoln to showcase the new Continental,” says Geoff Bartakovics, cofounder and CEO, Tasting Table. “It’s the perfect vehicle for finding inspiration out in the world and bringing it back home.”
Bartakovics is shown riding in the Lincoln Continental throughout Tasting Table’s new video series “I Know a Place,” in which he tours some of America’s best food cities with friends.
“In an increasingly complicated, noisy world, it’s a simple pleasure to find a sense of quiet, understated luxury in a modern, high-tech vehicle,” he adds.
Continental is the return of Lincoln’s flagship vehicle – an elegant, effortlessly powerful, and serene full-size sedan delivering quiet luxury and first-class travel.
In Atlanta, Tasting Table and Lincoln highlight the ambiance of the Regent Cocktail Club and food from American Cut, known for creating a modern interpretation of the classic high-end steakhouse experience. American Cut has been lauded in reviews for its quality and authenticity, traits it shares with The Lincoln Motor Company.
The Lincoln Continental will be on display in front of the restaurant; guests will be invited to learn more about the vehicle and the Lincoln brand.
“Creating warm, human, personally crafted experiences for our guests is very important for Lincoln,” says John Emmert, group marketing manager, The Lincoln Motor Company. “As fans of Tasting Table, we’re thrilled to collaborate with Geoff Bartakovics and his culinary platform to bring our ever-curious guests on the ultimate epicurean journey.
“And we’re delighted, of course, that the all-new Continental will be at the heart of those memories,” he adds.