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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

USA - Ford announces net imcome of $1.0Bn, down $1.2Bn from one year ago, profit and EPS are also down.

  • Net income $1.0B, down $1.2B from a year ago; Total company adjusted pre-tax profit $1.4B, down $1.7B
  • Earnings per share $0.24, down $0.31 from a year ago; adjusted earnings per share $0.26, down $0.26
  • 2016 Guidance: Ford continues to expect total company adjusted pre-tax profit to be about $10.2 billion
  • Global market share of 7.5 percent, down one-tenth of a percentage point from a year ago
  • Ford Credit delivered best quarterly profit since 2011
  • Automotive segment operating cash flow $(2.0)B, down $4.8B from a year ago
  • Automotive segment pre-tax profit $1.1B, down $1.7B
  • Automotive segment operating margin 3.3 percent
  • Strong cash and liquidity including Automotive cash of $24.3B; cash net of debt $11.2B and total liquidity $35.2B
  • Launched first all-new F-Series Super Duty in 18 years, as well as the flagship Lincoln Continental; on track for 12 global product launches in 2016
  • Europe delivered $138M pre-tax profit, sixth profitable quarter in a row and best 3Q since 2007
  • Ford remains Europe’s best-selling commercial vehicle brand
  • Asia Pacific delivered a record 3Q pre-tax profit of $131M, up $109M from a year ago
  • Ford surpassed 1 million sales in Asia Pacific following record August sales
  • Ford Smart Mobility LLC invested in Zoomcar, the car-sharing leader in India
  • Distributed $600M to shareholders in a regular quarterly dividend
  • Global Lincoln sales up 17 percent from a year ago
  • Year-to-date, net income $5.4B, down 2 percent, and adjusted pre-tax profit $8.2B, up $53M
”This quarter, we delivered key elements of our growth plan by fortifying our core business with the launch of the all-new Super Duty pickup, transforming Lincoln with the new Continental and investing in emerging opportunities with the acquisition of the Chariot crowd-sourced shuttle service. 
Importantly, we remain on track to deliver one of our best profit years ever.” Mark Fields, President & CEO.