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Monday, 30 May 2016

TMW ROAD TEST - The pinnacle of automotive luxury, driving a Rolls Royce Ghost is more than a drive.

Getting behind the wheel of what can be classed as one of the best cars in the world is something that the few manage, let alone being able to drive the car on closed roads, pushing it to it's limit, seeing it behave like an unruly rich child, when ultimately it gets it's own way and shows you what it can do when pushed.

The Rolls just oozes quality, class and opulence like not other car, there is only one car in the world that can compete, and that's a British built beast as well, but were not here to talk about Bentley, we here to see what the Rolls can do, and what it is actually like when you're privileged enough to sit behind that solid steering wheel.

Before you even pull away you are greeted with so much for the eyes to behold, the beautiful woodwork on the dash, the perfectly stitched leather, the chrome switched and dials that are solid to the touch and turn with a solidity that would not be out of place on a car 80 years it's junior, the old meets the new with perfect harmony, with the infotainment screen in position, it takes nothing away from the car and the fact this car is based in history.

The 6.6 Litre V12 engine is so responsive in such a large and heavy car, running at 2435 kg or 5368 lbs it is no lightweight, but you would never guess this the way the car goes, she is like an old Victorian maid running away from an admirer, she picks up her skirts and goes like a bat out of hell, and this is just what happens here, you put your foot firmly on the go pedal and the front end lifts and woof, it's off.

You can not get away from the fact that this is a big car, at 5.4 meters long she is not a sports car, but she goes like one, to say there was some misbehaving going on on the test route would be an understatement, being pushed along by an Aston Martin, the old girl proved her worth and even when the opportunity for the Aston to pass came along, it could not, or the driver was not prepared to over take the Royce.

The interior of the car is like a Gentleman's club, lots of wood and leather with dashes of chrome thrown in for good measure, the star spangled headlining is very special, and looks amazing, i would liked to have seen that in full glow in the dark, but unfortunately time and circumstance did not allow this, the seats all round are comfortable yet cosseting, they support you when you need it, and allow you room where you do not.

Being in the front of the car and being the driver, you feel a sense of importance, like you have arrived, because you're in a Rolls, you are looked at with both envy and loathing by those that look to see who is in the car, it is one of these cars that brings looks from all quarters, and you feel a sense of worth and you have this smile, even when you just have the car for a period of time.

The pedals are well weighted, you do not need to put in vast amounts of effort to go or stop, this car does both effortlessly, the same when placing your seat in the ideal position, they just move forward in umpteen directions with no hesitation or complaint, no matter how rotund and weighty you might be.

It is not surprising that the fuel consumption of the car is not the best in the world

Urban 21.8 ltr/100 km / 13 mpg (Imp gal) 
Extra urban 9.9 ltr/100 km / 28.5 mpg (Imp gal) 
Combined 14.3 ltr/100 km / 19.8 mpg (Imp gal)

As you can see, even at it's best you are going to be on good terms with your local petrol station, or maybe your chauffeur is, and it comes complete with an 18.15 tank giving a possible 517 miles between fill ups, if you are mad enough to risk it, and at 327g/km it is going to hit you hard in the pocket when you tax it, but like the great Audrey Fforbes-Hamilton once said, If you have to ask, you can not afford it.

This is one car i have wanted to test for some while and now i have managed to get me wish, hopefully the Wraith, Phantom and Dawn will be next.