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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

UK MAY RECALL #3 - Toyota's Supermini, the Yaris gets a recall for issues resulting from seatbelt anchor points.

Vehicle Details

Reference :R/2016/083
Manufacturer Ref :CGG30 
Model :Yaris & Yaris HV
Launch Date :18/05/2016
Numbers Involved :3709
Build Start Date :30/08/2011
Build End Date :26/01/2016 

Recall Details

Description :The vehicles are equipped with 3-point lap-shoulder belt assemblies in all-three rear seating positions. The inner belt (buckle portion) of each of the rear three seat belt assemblies is secured to the floor of the vehicle with an anchor plate. The anchor plate might have been manufactured with a sharp edge around the punched portion. In the event of a collision, there is a possibility that the inner seat belt webbing could become cut and separate at the anchor plate. If this occurs, the inner seat belt may not properly restrain the occupant, which could increase the risk to injury.
Remedial Action :Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check the Lot number of the anchor plate. Where necessary, the rear inner belt assembly will be replaced with a new one.
Vehicle Id :VNKKD3D3##A017187 to VNKKD3D3##A223777
VNKJC0D3##A101414 to VNKKL3D3##A197022

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