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Saturday, 4 June 2016

USA SALES MAY - The aging range of cars and the issues surrounding emissions has not stopped the sales growth.

  • Outlander sales for the month report an increase of 119 percent over May 2015
  • Outlander records best May sales since 2003
  • Combined CUV sales of 5,996 are up 26.9 percent for the month and 22.2 percent for the year
Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) today reported May 2016 sales of 9,025 and year-to-date sales of 43,911 up 5.6 percent for the year.

Outlander sales of 2,963 are up 119 percent over the previous May, the best May sales since 2003. Outlander sales are up 79.8 percent for the year.
2016  2015  2016   2015
i‐MiEV      2     18     16      49
Mirage2098  33691163211832
Lancer  929  1463  7406  9367
Outlander Sport3060  33841337213945
Outlander2936  134111485  6388
Total9025  95754391141581