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Monday, 29 August 2016

UK RECALL #16 - Hyundai recalls nearly 15,000 Tucson models for the 2ndary bonnet catch that may not function properly.

Vehicle Details

Reference :R/2016/130
Manufacturer Ref :61C033 
Model :Tucson
Launch Date :25/07/2016
Numbers Involved :14775
Build Start Date :06/01/2015
Build End Date :15/03/2016 

Recall Details

Description :If the bonnet is not shut correctly on the main bonnet catch and the bonnet then opens to the secondary catch, the secondary bonnet catch is not strong enough to hold the bonnet in a closed position. At high motorway speeds the bonnet can then fly open and block the driver’s view. There is also a warning light to inform the driver that the bonnet is not closed correctly which is not functioning as intended.
Remedial Action :Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the secondary bonnet catch for a new stronger item. A new program will be downloaded into the cluster to make the bonnet open warning light work correctly.
Vehicle Id :TMAJ2811LGJ024668 to TMAJ381ASGJ167963

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