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Friday, 2 September 2016

USA SALES NISSAN - the Japanese giant follows others with a dip in sales for August, despite some big model rises.

Nissan Group today announced total U.S. sales for August 2016 of 124,638 units, a decrease of 6.5 percent over the prior year.
Crossovers, Trucks and sport utility vehicles continue to buck the trend with a brand cumulative increase of these vehicles up a large 19%, the Rogue matched this figure with the Murano smashing it, with a rise of 29%, which was an August record.

However, this was not the biggest percentage increase, that went to Frontier pick up truck that saw a massive increase of 162% taking it to 9,537 units sold in the month, but it was not all good news for trucks and crossovers, the standard bearer Maxima sedansaw sales climb to 6,064 or a 43% increase, so August was a good month for the Japanese giant on those models, but over all, the brand saw a decrease of 6.5%.
Nissan highlights:
  • Overall sales of Nissan crossovers, trucks and SUVs set an August record, up 19 percent.
  • Sales of the Rogue crossover set an August record with sales 32,979, up 19 percent.
  • Sales of the Murano crossover set an August record with sales 7,482, up 29 percent.
  • Sales of the Frontier pickup truck increased 162% to 9,537.
  • Nissan Maxima sales climbed to 6,064, up 43 percent.